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Dynamic road-2-rig conditioning technology (docs/dwcs)

The road-2-rig technology developed by Pollux allows the simulation of fast, realistic processes of the vehicle fluid circuits. As a specialist for the development of conditioning systems, we were frequently confronted with a special requirement: The simulation of realistic cycles from the real road operation in temperature, volume flow or pressure. Therefore Pollux has developed various solutions and summarized them as road-2-rig technology. The different modules are available for fluid conditioning systems, individually or combined, and allow therefore the individual adaptation of the conditioning system. The systems have a high-performance control and regulation system, which delivers optimal performance by using model-based control algorithms.


Dynamic temperature conditioning
For a fast and precise temperature conditioning, our road-2-rig conditioning systems operate with special hydraulic connections and self-developed heating units.

Depending on the design of the system, maximum temperature gradients of up to 40 K / s can be achieved.


Dynamic pressure and volume flow generation

To simulate pressure or volumetric flow fluctuations that are generated e.g. by mechanically driven oil pumps depending on the driving profile, we use specific servo pumps. Moreover, these servo pumps have the advantage that volume flows up to real 0 l / min can be displayed.

Depending on the design of the system, the maximum pressure gradients of up to 60 bar / s can be achieved.

Our modular system allows us to scale the conditioning systems in a wide range so that we can offer a customized solution for many operating conditions.


Applications (examples):

  • dynamic temperature conditioning for simulating WLTP or RDE cooling water cycles on the engine test bench
  • dynamic cooling water temperature conditioning for the simulation of coolers and heat exchangers
  • dynamic oil conditioning for realistic oil temperature and pressure cycles on turbocharger or plain bearing test rigs

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