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Leading car manufacturers, Tier-1 and Tier-2 suppliers, as well as international development service providers, rely on our services in the test bench environment.

Well-known companies from the metal and electrical industry as well as from the automotive, motorsport and e-mobility sectors rely on products and services from Pollux. Take profit from uncomplicated and fast commissioning as Pollux is a listed supplier for many European and international companies. 

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Case Studies

EOL Test systems (AVIS)Novel EOL test systems for production line with fast realization

100 % testing of light functions like LED ambient or contour light of vehicle interior parts.

Our solution
Concept study and development of custommade EOL testing systems according to the special needs of the OEM.

The result
Realization of four end-of-line test systems within eight months – equipped with highly resolving industrial cameras and high-performance image data processing systems. Since that time these systems test hundreds of parts every day. Based on that, more systems for new projects could be realized. Depending on the application the systems include robots for individual camera positioning.

Individual component testEndruance test – flexible and fast

Simultaneous endurance validation of two belt driven starters/generators (BSG) with a sophisticated rotation speed / load change profile with recuperation and increased ambient temperature for more than 2.500 hours.

Our solution
Usage of a flexible multifunctional test cell with load machine in the test center in Kirchheimbolanden for fast implementation of the test requirements.

The result
A new test application in only four weeks. The test was running nearly without breaks or disturbances for a period of over three months. Based on that, additional systems for parallel processing of more than one test were established.

road-2-rig conditioningSimulation of vehicle cooling circuits on an engine test bench

The simulation of realistic coolant temperature profiles from road use to investigate the emission behavior on the engine test bench.

Our solution
Usage of the road-2-rig technology for a dynamic conditioning to simulate the coolant temperature during WLTP or RDE cycles.

The result
Development and construction of a system for flexible, mobile use on various engine test benches – fully integrated into the various automation systems. Thanks to the Pollux modular design, the system could be realized in a way that the different cooling circuits for recooling were optimally and energy-efficiently integrated. The fast temperature control of the engine cooling water circuits enables the effective investigation of the drive unit in different driving situations.

Hot gasRealistic component pattern of damage on the hot gas test bench

The hot gas test benches in the Pollux test center should generate realistic pattern of damage in order to be able to compare and evaluate different turbochargers and exhaust manifolds – with shorter test times and reduced costs, without elaborately and expensive engine test bench or vehicle tests.

Our solution
The further development of the Pollux test bench technology: Development of application-specific thermal shock units, which allow rapid switching between two defined temperature and mass flow levels via hot gas valves.

The result
The realization of a platform for faster and cost-effective evaluation of thermal shock resistance of turbochargers and exhaust manifolds. By the variation of various parameters, realistic pattern of damage of the components can be generated. The new additional systems are fully integrated into the existing test bench technology.

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