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Components test field

Take profit from our unique combination of development expertise in automation technology and test bench services. For the validation of your components, Pollux develops and builds test benches individually tailored to customer requirements, which can be operated as stand-alone test systems in the component test field on a service basis. Depending on the application, these test systems can contain all elements required for autonomous operation or be designed for the operation in our multifunction test cells. The latter offers the great advantage that many existing technology components such as the test room with security and automation system are available and the implementation can be carried out correspondingly faster and more cost-effectively.


Applications (examples):

  • Continuous load changes of drives (back / back or by load machines)
  • High or low temperature or rather temperature change endurance runs
  • General drag test
  • Life tests according to IEC 60068-2 (or rather LV124, VW80000, etc.)
  • Climate chamber / climate boxes for environmental conditioning -40 – 140 ° C
  • Conditioning systems for oil, cooling water for fluid-side environmental simulation -40 – 250 ° C


  • Drives (automotive electric motors and actuators, 48V starters / generators, starters, alternators)
  • Mechanical pumps (automotive oil and water pumps)
  • Electric pumps (industrial or 48V automotive)
  • Cooler and heat exchanger (water cooler and heat exchanger or intercooler, etc.)
  • Bearings (plain bearings, also with lateral force)
  • Compressors (E-compressors, compressors, air compressors, etc.)

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