test drive

Dynamic extension of combustion chamber controls

Less time, less cost = more output

Combustion chamber test benches are of essential importance in the field of turbocharger development. They guarantee an exact thermodynamic measurement or material testing under extreme conditions - and all this without limitations, which arise during the operation of combustion engines. All the more important is to achieve maximum output from this expensive capital good. We have been working for a long time in the area of optimization and customization of existing combustion chamber control systems for exhaust gas turbochargers. 

We achieved a time reduction of more than 50% compared to the old systems for the generation of compressor and turbine maps for various test bench sizes. This results in halving energy costs (natural gas and compressed air) and doubling the output of each test bench.

At one glance:

  • 100% faster map drive
  • 100% energy saving
  • Significant efficiency enhancement
  • Hence reduction of investment costs
  • Faster and easier controlling to quickly follow set value profiles