test drive

Dynamic extension of development test benches for stationary operated combustion engines

Depending on the engine test bench requirements there are still Foucault current brakes used for new machines. However, requirements change!

Our modern controlling systems allow the simulation of vehicle and driver at the test bench. It is possible to depict the controlling system of the specimen not only based on rotational speed and moment, but also based on speed considering vehicle parameter (aerodynamic resistance, gear ratio, ...) and road surface (condition, inclination, ...). This allows the simulation of exhaust fume cycles according to specification or the selection of various driver parameters and thus offers an optimal alternative to inflexible or cost-intensive roller dynamometer or road tests. 

Besides various advantages in the field of testing technology there is another very important factor for the utilization of asynchronous machines: 
Foucault current brakes “eat up” the rotational energy of the combustion engine via the cooling water and therefore energy-intensive cooling measures are required for heat removal. Using electric machinery, on the other hand, can help feeding the engine energy environmentally friendly into the grid, with less cost and very high efficiency.

We offer:

  • Complete project planning to utilize your Foucault-current brake
  • Delivery of e-machines and variable frequency drives e.g. ABB
  • Vehicle and driver model
  • Integration in test bench