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docs / Dynamic supply of oil-lubricated components

High rotational speeds of turbochargers, sometimes exceeding 300,000 rotations per minute, place extreme demands on oil-lubricated friction bearings.

Pollux developed a dynamic oil conditioning system, which provides extreme quick controlling times for pressure and temperature. This allows the simulation of realistic gradients at the test bench.

Common systems mostly simulate only stationary conditions. Pressure fluctuations as they often develop during normal operations, for example in vehicles with start-stop systems, cannot be simulated. The same applies to oil temperature controlling of traditional systems. They can mostly only depict small regulating gradients and hence cannot achieve realistic conditions.

Our newly developed product provides very good guidance and excellent interference rejection. It helps to safely and precisely settle interactions between turbocharger speed and oil pressure.

The oil conditioning system can be adjusted within a wide range for maximum pressure, temperature gradient and volume flow rate, which allows us to offer customer-specific solutions for a variety of operating conditions. Furthermore, the system can be used not only for turbochargers but also for additional applications. We are always open to any adaptations required to satisfy the needs of our valued customers.

At one glance:

  • Highly dynamic
  • Fast heating-up times, extreme fast pressure control
  • Simulation of driving cycles (e.g. start /stop cycles) on the test bench
  • Compact design (mobile version or permanently installed possible)
  • Pressure and volume flow ranges fleely scalable
  • Temperatures from -40°C up to >200 ℃
  • Low fill quantity (e.g. 5l) possible and hence environmentally friendly and optimally suited for frequent oil changes or special lubricants