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dwcs / dynamic water conditioning system

Modern components in the automotive and aerospace field have to provide increased power and at the same time decrease in their size. Therefore, a liquid cooling system is inevitable in many areas.

Pollux develops and builds water-conditioning systems, whose parameters can be scaled and adjusted to customer-specific needs.

Examples of already realized equipment:

  • Conditioning units for combustion engines and components
  • Compact design (mobile version or permanently installed possible)
  • Various pressure ranges with precise and fast pressure control
  • System overpressure is exactly adjustable
  • Different volume flow rates with exact and fast volume flow rate control
  • Can also be used with multiple and simultaneously operable strands
  • Temperatures from -40°C up to e.g. 130°C, depending on the permissible system overpressure
  • Re-cooling by machine-own aggregates or provided equipment.