test drive

Dynamic main controller for engine test benches

Modern dynamic engine test benches have special requirements concerning the control speed of the driver (alpha). It is not always possible to transfer the driver’s requested moment as a digital or analog signal (e-gas) to the engine control unit. If engines have to be quickly and easily operated on the test bench or an original setup is important, our dynamic main controller “GPA3000” provides the possibility to operate the accelerator pedal of the vehicle with high control speed.

An easy and intuitive menu navigation directly at the device and mechanical flexibility allow you to adapt to new accelerator pedals within seconds.

At one glance:

  • Extremely fast, up to 3 m/s
  • > 500N peak force, up to 100N lasting
  • Easiest handling
  • Can be integrated in test bench systems either via field bus or analog signal
  • Can be used for any accelerator pedal with an adjustment travel of up to 180 mm