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Modular test benches I/O

Development test benches have always been in the focus of our business. We fulfill the requirements of measurement and actuator technology with our systems and equipment, which are utilized in various areas of turbocharger or engine test benches.

We design, plan and build measurement systems, specifically adapted to our customers’ needs. A modular setup allows us to quickly and efficiently respond to requirements. Thereby it is possible to provide complex decentralized measurement or actuator technology, which has several hundred channels on one standard bus and only requires field bus cable and electrical connection.

Our emphasis is on an easy and reliable operating mode and we not only provide inputs and outputs for standard sizes but also specific multi-function plugs with combined features. But the technology is not the only thing we focus on. We also attach great importance to an attractive and high-quality design. See for yourself!

We would be pleased to provide you with our pre-wired systems. We also support you during the implementation and integration phase. You do not own a test bench, which you would like to extend? No problem. We design tailor-made hardware and software solutions or we plan your entire test bench.

The technology:

  • Supported bus systems

    • EtherCAT
    • Profibus
    • Ethernet (e.g. UDP, Modbus, …)
    • CAN
    • RS232, RS485, …
  • Measurands

    • Temperature (thermocouples, resistance thermometers, ...)
    • Pressure (all pressure ranges, diverse accuracy classes)
    • Voltage and currents (all standard areas, special scaling for special mountings can be permanently integrated)
    • Frequencies (also PWM (pulse-width modulation) or pulse counting)
    • Inputs for sensor bridges
      • Strain gages
      • Force sensors
      • Any desired full or half-bridges
    • Digital inputs
  • Control parameters

    • In principle, we offer all above mentioned measurands also as actuator outputs (e.g. for sensor simulation).
    • Our pressure adjusting systems allow precise setting of pressures - no matter whether vacuum or overpressure range, whether for the controlling of pneumatic actuators or automatic pressure generation for your calibration order. We realize outputs with different setting precision and various air flow rates.

Examples of already implemented systems:

“Measurement boom” for a turbocharger test bench

The measuring unit is fixed to a supporting arm and can be easily and quickly positioned above the specimen. Therefore, existing measurement technologies of the customer were combined with decentralized measurement systems within the housing. The unit offers the required measurement and actuator technology in order to measure turbochargers thermodynamically. It also provides reserves for special measurements. The design of the front plate and the setup support future extensions.

  • Inputs for thermocouples type K
  • Inputs for PT100
  • Inputs for pressure measurement with highest precision
  • Inputs for the rotational speed of the turbocharger(s),
  • Inputs and outputs for frequencies and PWM
  • Fast voltage inputs for special measurements, 24bit, 110dB, > 100kS/s, IEPE-feeding can be activated for all channels, simultaneous scanning (e.g. for acoustics analysis)
  • Special inputs for travel measurement, force measurement, analog pressure measurement, PWM-controlled actuators, digital I/O, voltage outputs of various voltage levels, patch connections to the control panel, interfaces, ...
  • In total 166 measuring and actuator channels in compact space

Compact measurement technology for special measurements

The customer requested a simple, quick and cost-effective extension of its existing test bench measurement system for a special measurement task. Our compact unit, which records 9 pressures and 8 temperatures of thermocouples type K can be flexibly attached to the test bench. The unit is connected to the automation system via Ethernet. If required, it is also possible to operate the unit as a stand-alone system, for which we provide our in-house developed software.

“Measurement boom” for a engine test bench

A system, entirely set up of modules, is used for engine test benches. The unit is also mounted to a supporting arm and can be easily positioned above the specimen (engine). Except for the cable for a (optional) field bus interface, only the connection for electricity supply is required. The measurement and actuator technology is entirely mounted decentralized inside the housing. This ensures quick integration when the existing equipment is upgraded, because most work can be prepared remotely.

  • 32 inputs for thermocouples type K
  • 22 inputs for pressure measurement with highest precision
  • 2 inputs for the rotational speed of the turbocharger,
  • 4 frequency inputs with 5 PWM inputs and outputs each
  • 4 actuating pressures (underpressure and overpressure)
  • 8 analog inputs and outputs each (4..20mA, -10..10V)
  • 2 actuating outputs for e-gas (electronic accelerator pedal)
  • Special inputs for analog pressure measurement (6x), PWM-controlled actuators (4x), digital I/O, voltage outputs of various voltage levels, patch connections to the control panel, interfaces, ...
  • In total 92 measurement and actuator channels in one housing with huge extension potential

At one glance:

  • Complete measurement units with field bus interface
  • High packing densities
  • Customer specific pin configurations
  • Can be quickly and easily integrated in existing test benches or can be used as stand-alone measurement technology
  • Modular setup and customer-specific
  • We also provide solutions for the integration in your existing test systems