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Power supply for combustion engines at engine test benches

Do you operate individual, uncovered truck or passenger car batteries at your test benches? Such setup bears considerable potential hazard due to escaping battery gas or possible explosions during assembly. Furthermore they require an increased effort for start-up and they are less flexible. 

Originally developed for our own test benches on a modular basis we are now able to provide power supply units for engine test benches that can be easily and flexibly integrated in your test benches. Depending on the design you might not require any additional devices except for the power supply unit and any field bus interface to connect your automation system. Activation via binary signals is also possible.

Our solution provides the following advantages:

Separate grids

Start of the engine via battery, supply for engine control unit and additional equipment either by battery or power unit. Both are possible: Faithful setup of on-board network with battery or separate supply for engine control unit (no influence due to interferences during operation or startup).


12V, 24V or 42V on-board voltage. Either in a simple version with fixed voltage level or as a multifunctional version to be able to individually switch between all voltage levels and interlacing directly at the test bench.

Examples for possible settings:

  • 12V starter and 24V on-board power supply network
  • 24V starter, but 12V control unit
  • 42V on-board power supply network
  • Generator or operation without generator
  • Separate switching of fuel pump or other devices (e.g. including lead and stopping time, ...)
  • Any voltage curves can be simulated (e.g. simulation of on-board power fluctuations)
  • A dynamic version is available


  • Measurement and display of voltage directly at each output
  • Each output is separately fused. Upon request it is possible to report the triggering of a fuse directly to the superior system.
  • The temperature of the battery/batteries is monitored
  • Turbocharger parameters are constantly monitored
  • The main relay switches off the batteries in case of emergency stops or defects
  • Quick switch-off in case of short-circuits in the start cable


  • The built-in charger ensures that all built-in batteries are charged.
  • All settings can be made directly at the test bench - thus it is possible to connect the organizational data with the test samples.
  • A mobile version can be provided.
  • LED lamps signal the switch status of each output directly at the device

At one glance:

  • 12V, 24V or 42V on-board voltage
  • The engine electronics is not influenced by interferences during the start-up process
  • Quick switch-off in case of short-circuits in the start cable
  • Flexible switching between all voltage levels directly at the test bench
  • Measurement and display of voltage directly at each output