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Test systems for quality assurance

100% quality assurance of in-house products and thus meet the responsibility towards the customer can nowadays no longer be achieved with manual final inspections. Not only intermediate steps during manufacturing or processing of raw pieces have to be ensured but also the delivery of qualitatively faultless finished goods. 

Pollux can support you in your efforts with customized test systems. We develop and build machines and systems with which you can verify important product characteristics in a secure, efficient and economical way. In case of defects traceability can be ensured. 

Please contact us with your ideas. We are happy to analyze together with you the possibilities and prepare a customized offer.

Examples of already realized equipment:

Thread test bench

Manual test station to inspect the dimensional accuracy of threads and scanning of other product characteristics of series components in the automotive supplier industry. Those parts are scanned with product barcodes and the inspector is audio-visually guided through the required test process. All equipment is specifically designed for the customer to help untrained workers to operate the equipment safely and easily via the touch screen. The multi-step process ensures that parts, which do not correspond to the high quality requirements, are detected and rejected. The customer receives 100% functional parts for subsequent processing, which prevents expensive complaints. Individual results of component tests are centrally saved in a database and can be easily accessed for evaluation.

Scanning equipment

Computer-assisted recording equipment to ensure correct loading of material boxes prior to delivery to the customer. The components are scanned with a DMC-scanner before they are loaded into the wire metal boxes. During this operation the DMC-code is checked for readability and if it complies with the relevant quality requirements. Part type and condition are simultaneously verified by a database query. With its clearly arranged pictures and instructions, the entire test process is menu-guided and easily understandable. At the end of the test process only those wire metal boxes receive a test label and are released for transportation, which are filled with faultless parts.

Screw test bench

Semiautomatic test bench to scan position and condition of inserted screw joints. Prior to subsequent processing, the components are inserted in the mechanically working sled of the test bench. When the component is fixed, various component characteristics are automatically tested without operator involvement. When the test was successful, the parts are marked accordingly to ensure that only faultless parts are subsequently processed. The entire test process is clearly presented on a screen. Furthermore, monitoring mechanisms impede manipulation by the operator.