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Various additional aggregates, which can be provided if required, are available to extend test benches for special test. Pollux develops such equipment based on customer requirements. Your requirements are currently not accommodated by the services we provide? Please contact us! We will be pleased to develop tailor-made solutions for you.

docs / dynamic oil conditioning system

Pollux developed a dynamic oil conditioning system, which provides extreme quick controlling times for pressure and temperature. This allows the simulation of realistic gradients at the test bench. 

Common systems mostly simulate only stationary conditions. Pressure fluctuations as they often develop during normal operations, for example in vehicles with start-stop systems, cannot be simulated. The same applies to oil temperature controlling of traditional systems. They can mostly only depict small regulating gradients and hence cannot achieve realistic conditions.

Some test benches are already equipped with standard oil conditioning units. Every test bench can be provided with a mobile docs-unit, if required.

Areas of application:

  • Tests of, amongst others, exhaust gas turbocharger bearings
  • Oil cycles
  • Start / stop simulation
  • Functional tests of automatic gearboxes, etc.

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dwcs / dynamic water conditioning system

Increasing power density requires for most parts an effective liquid cooling system to ensure safe operation.

Pollux develops water-conditioning systems, which are specifically designed for the demands of turbochargers and combustion engines.

By using our module-based, non-linear controlling concepts and tools we can guarantee quick and precise controlling of temperature, pressure or volume flow rate.

Multiple-strand systems allow a simultaneous supply of more than only one cooling cycle based on different temperature levels and volume flow rates. System overpressure, introduced via a coolant recovery tank, can be ensured for the entire operating range even in case of non-operating pumps and thereby achieving temperatures significantly exceeding boiling temperature without the formation of steam bubbles.

The utilization of most modern speed-controlled drive systems allows an efficient and energy-saving machine operation.

Areas of application:

  • Flow rate, pressure or temperature controlled flow of water-cooled components such as turbine housings, engines, etc.

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Gas generator for oil and gas mixtures

Areas of application:

  • Defined preparation of oil and gas mixtures to test exhaust gas turbocharger bearings.


System to apply dynamic and static loads

Areas of application:

  • Application of dynamic and static loads with linear actuators, e.g. on components of an exhaust gas system
  • Controlling of force and/or position
  • Monitoring of maximum force and position