test drive

Dynamic engine test bench

A dynamic engine test bench at our testing facility in Kirchheimbolanden enables the trial of turbochargers or drive units under realistic conditions.

Our modern controlling systems allow the simulation of vehicle and driver at the test bench. It is possible to depict the controlling system of the specimen not only based on rotational speed and moment, but based on speed considering vehicle parameter (aerodynamic resistance, gear ratio, ...) and road surface (condition, inclination, ...). This allows the simulation of exhaust fume cycles according to specification or the selection of various driver parameters and thus offers an optimal alternative to inflexible or cost-intensive roller dynamometer or road tests.

Dynamic engine test bench / Specification

Test bench K1

  • Manufacturer: Pollux
  • Load unit: Asynchronous machine 380kW
  • Torque moment max. 815 Nm
  • Rotational speed max. 10,000 1/min
  • Variable frequency drive technology ABB ACS800:
  • Torque measurement system HBM T40
  • Pallet system for quick specimen exchange
  • Fuel types: Diesel, gasoline, flex-system for special fuel types
  • Fuel conditioning system
  • Charge air conditioning system


  • AVL Smoke Meter
  • docs / dynamic oil conditioning system
  • dwcs / dynamic water conditioning system