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Multi-functional test cells

Short development cycles require flexibility for testing. Pollux meets those requirements with multi-functional test cells with standard equipment.

The advantage for our customers: special test setups can be realized within a short period of time.

Pollux multi-functional test cells / Specifications

  • Air-conditioning and ventilation system
  • Environmental simulation -40..250 °C
  • Flexible conditioning systems for oil, cooling water and air (also possible with environmental simulation down to -40°C)
  • bi-directional DC power supplies
  • 48V supply with battery simulation system
  • See-through window made of safety glass
  • Protection against noise
  • Cooling circuits for cooling and cold water
  • Waste gas exhaust system
  • Energy supply (various services)
  • Emergency stop circuits
  • Operator panel for multi-functional duties
  • Video surveillance
  • Fire alarm and extinguishing system



Examples for endurance and validation tests:

Charge air coolers (CAC), EGR-Valves, oil- and water pumpe (electric and mechanic), general 48V components, industry pumps, heat exchanger, valves, starter, generators, starter/generator systems (BSG), pipes / compensators,...

We are also performing high-temperature, thermal-change- and thermal-shock tests. E.g. following IEC 60068-2, LV124, VW 80000, ...


We have different load machnines for the testing of electric motors and hybrid machines available, that can be flexibly integrated in the different test cells.

Due to the flexible infrastructure and the diverse possibilities for an individual automation, a realization of even complex tests is possible.